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What is a Meter Base?

The meter base is the enclosure that houses your electric meter. It must keep all the electrical connections and wires inside dry and protected from the elements.

Why do I have to pay to fix the power company's equipment?

While your local power company uses and supplies the meter within the base, you are responsible for all the equipment from the point of attachment on. The power company is only responsible for supplying power to the point of attachment.

If a storm knocks the line off your home. It is your responsibility to get it repaired, if the point of attachment was damaged. If the wire simply snapped, the power company should reconnect you free of charge, but will force you to make any needed repairs before doing so.

If you have underground service, you are required to provide the power company a clear path, i.e. trench, to lay their cable in. As well as a proper conduit system to protect their wiring up to the meter base.

Meter Base Uprades

If your meter base is older, it may need to be upgraded to meet the new code requirements. The code is continually updated to meet the needs of today.

We are able to upgrade your existing meter base to a higher amperage. The standard today for a typical home is 200A. Most new homes are built with 200A services. Below are pictures of different meter base capacities that you can compare your meter base to.


Some meter bases may vary, you can only be sure what equipment you have by having it inspected by a qualified electrician.

Many customers have flickering and dimming lights or other problems due to lack of amerpage capacity. Upgrading your meter base and panel will eliminate these problems and give you more room to add more circuits to your home.

The picture below clearly shows a broken point of attachment. As you can see the support has pulled away from the house and now the wiring is not being supported by the support wire as it should. This will develope into a short on the incoming power feeds, causing power interruption, even fire is possible.

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